Bamboo in Bushwick

by Ed Cardona, Jr.

directed by Ana Margineanu


Commissioned by Working Theater as part of the FIVE BOROUGHS/ONE CITY Initiative.

2017 Off-Broadway Premiere & Borough Tour:
April 13-14:
Ridgewood Bushwick Youth Center, Brooklyn

April 18-May 3:
Urban Stages, Manhattan

May 5-6:
Local Union No. 3 IBEW, Queens

May 9-10:
Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island

May 13:
CASA New Settlement Apartments, Bronx


John Concado
Edna Lee Figueroa
Clinton Lowe
José Antonio Melián
Arisael Rivera
Michelle Sui

Bushwick was called home by locals long before any magazine called it hip. Bamboo in Bushwick explores gentrification in this suddenly trendy neighborhood from divergent angles.


As a group of old friends gather for a round of dominoes, outside forces converge on their street corner. In an alternate reality, inspired by the psychedelic murals that have taken over many walls in the neighborhood, a turf war breaks out on the icy tundra. Is there room in Brooklyn for both penguins and polar bears?


When your community is threatened, every block is worth fighting for.


Bamboo in Bushwick is part of Working Theater’s Five Boroughs/One City Initiative. The play was developed in partnership with Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council (RBSCC), and through conversations with their members and members of Bushwick Salvation Army Community Center, El Puente Bushwick, Make the Road New York and the general Bushwick community.

Set Design Raul Abrego ∙ Costume Design Sarita Fellows ∙ Lighting Design Harry Feiner
Sound Design Lawrence Schober ∙ Video Design Aaron Minerbrook ∙ Props Design Theresa Pierce

Production Stage Manager Danielle Teague-Daniels ∙ Assistant Stage Manager Sarah Brown
Production Manager Niluka Hotaling ∙ Line Producer Mark Brystowski ∙ Casting Support Carly J. Bauer
Graphic Design Michael Cordero ∙ Press Representation Dan Demello
Bamboo in Bushwick Reading
Bushwick Salvation Army Reading

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