What is a Working Theater Play?

Working Theater is a new American play incubator for work by playwrights which centers the lives of working people, by telling their stories in new and unexpected ways.

What we are looking for:

– Stories for, about or made with working people, and/or the issues which affect them, in mind.
– We invite plays which disrupt traditions of “working-class theater.”
– We want your play to make us laugh, make us cry, and make us feel a little dangerous.
– Does your play deal with themes of work, labors visible and invisible, labor history? Is your play pro-worker, pro-union or anti-capitalist? It’s probably a play for us.
– Does your play come at these themes in unexpected and novel ways? It’s probably a play for us.

What we are not looking for:

– We are not interested in stories in which working people are passive victims of an oppressive system.
– “Issue plays,” issue plays is our least favorite oxymoron – all plays have issues, but we are interested in plays which center people.
– We are not interested in agit-prop (until you show us an agitprop play that blows our minds!)
– We are not interested in clichés about the working class – show us something we’ve never seen before, baby!


If you think this is your play, send your play to [email protected]