5 Boros 1 City: Bushwick

Bamboo in Bushwick

by Ed Cardona, Jr.

directed by Ana Margineanu


Commissioned by Working Theater as part of the FIVE BOROUGHS/ONE CITY Initiative.

Off-Broadway Premiere & Borough Tour:
April –May, 2017


Bushwick was called home by locals long before any magazine called it hip. Bamboo in Bushwick explores gentrification in this suddenly trendy neighborhood from divergent angles.


As a group of old friends gather for a round of dominoes, outside forces converge on their street corner. In an alternate reality, inspired by the psychedelic murals that have taken over many walls in the neighborhood, a turf war breaks out on the icy tundra. Is there room in Brooklyn for both penguins and polar bears?


When your community is threatened, every block is worth fighting for.


Bamboo in Bushwick is part of Working Theater’s Five Boroughs/One City Initiative. The play was developed in partnership with Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council (RBSCC), and through conversations with their members and members of Bushwick Salvation Army Community Center, El Puente Bushwick, Make the Road New York and the general Bushwick community.

Bushwick Community Engagement


March 2017 at RBSCC’s 10 Forrest Community Room, Bushwick, Brooklyn


Bushwick community members and experienced artists alike showcased their skills at this inclusive and exploratory evening of creative solidarity and artistic upliftment! Featuring art and performance by Taína Delamar, Anthonywash Rosado, Adi Pimentel and Mi Casa No Es Su Casa: Illumination Against Gentrification



“Artistic Responses to Gentrification”
Community Workshop, February 2016
with the Youth Power Project at Make the Road NY
Bushwick, Brooklyn


The Art of Solidarity/ El Arte de la Solidaridad
November 2016 at MayDay’s Community Space in Bushwick

Photo: Bushwick Community Shine Event at RBSCC

Photo: Bushwick Community Engagement Workshop with Youth Power Project at Make the Road NY

Working Theater has been collaborating with the Bushwick community and members of RBSCC to engage with us in workshops, story circles, readings, and full productions. These events take place in community centers, arts spaces and facilities throughout Bushwick.

Prior Bushwick Events


Developmental Readings

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
at Mayday Space
176 St. Nicholas Ave., Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 11237
Free and Open to all
The last developmental reading of Bamboo in Bushwick, a sneak peek of our 2017 mainstage production before it premieres off-Broadway and tours the five boroughs in April/May!

In February 2016 we presented a reading of Bamboo in Bushwick with a developmental roundtable with the artists and members of the Bushwick Community.

Inter-generational Theater Workshop

In March 2016, we hosted an Inter-Generational Theater Workshop at RBSCC, facilitated by Tamilla Woodard.


Young adults between the ages of 13 – 19 and seniors 65 or better were invited to a workshop where participants wrote, interviewed and dialogued to create a collaborative original play.

Story Circles

In November – December 2015  we hosted 3 sessions of story circles within the community centers of the RBSCC, moderated by Reza Salazar and Yadira de la Riva. Residents came together to share stories, hopes and dreams,  and to reflect on the meaning of community.

Bamboo in Bushwick Developmental Reading at RBSCC,
photo by Tuda Sarian.

Inter-generational Theater Workshop at RBSCC,
photo by David Crespo.

Special thanks to Supporters and Friends of Bamboo in Bushwick who contributed their time and stories:

Richard Rathbun ∙ Claudio Aukaman ∙ Dennis Flores Furee ∙ Maya Meissner ∙ Jonathan Auch Kweighbaye ∙ Sergeant Kevin Bryan ∙ Brigette Blood ∙ Sonia Rivera ∙ Alexander Morales∙ Kenneth Kern ∙ Jeanette Wright ∙ Ingrid Sylvester ∙ Vijai Bissesar ∙ Ana Nogueira ∙ Father Jorge Ortiz-Garay ∙ Dasic Fernandez ∙ Narcissa Ruiz ∙ Father Kelly ∙ Salvation Army Community Center ∙ Angela Battaglia ∙ Liz Aponte ∙ Charlie Maldonado ∙ Francis Blacklock

and to Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council and the staff and crew at 10 Forrest.