2nd Annual Reading Series

Technical Support
by Dan O’Brien
American Place Theater
Wife. Baby. Mortgage.  Greg’s finally landed the dream job.  But, must he sell his soul to make it through his first day?

God, Sex, and Blue Water
by Linda Faigao-Hall
American Place Theater
New to America, a Filipina mystic experiences a crisis of faith when she falls in love with an irresistible Wall Street broker.

The Ballad of Lily from Hell
by David Grimm
American Place Theater
A pair of petty criminals cross paths with a 328 year old vampire and her henchman.  Blood is thicker than water and tastes a helluva lot better.

Madame Killer
by Honour Kane and Diana Kane
American Place Theater
Calculated to excite the most jaded playgoer, this howling, screaming, knock down drag out conglomeration has no duplicate on the American stage.