4th Annual Reading Series

Radium Girls
by Dolores Whiskeyman
directed by Joseph Megel
with Robert Carr, George Castillo, Donna Davis, Danielle Delgado, Shoshana Kuttner, Jim Ligon, Keith Randolph Smith, Jamie Sorrentini and Inger Tudor
American Place Theater
1926: Radium is a miracle cure, Marie Curie is an international celebrity and glow-in-the-dark watches the latest rage-until girls who paint them begin to die.


by Robert Ackerman
directed by Constance Grappo
with Talia Balsam, Rick Banks, Guy Boyd, Alex Draper, David Fonteno and John Slattery
American Place Theater
Tabletop takes you into the crisis-a-minute world of a TV commercial film studio which provides the product shot, or close-up, of the item the advertisers would like to convince you is absolutely essential to your well-being and survival.

The 7th of October
World Premiere
by Linda Faigao-Hall
directed by Mark Plesent
with Robert Arcaro, Emily Franzosa, Michael John Garces, Sarah Gifford, Ernest Mingione, Matt Saldivar, Edward Tully, Inger Tudor and William Wise
American Place Theater

by Julie Jensen
directed by Elizabeth Murphy
with June Ballinger, Elisabeth Lewis Corley, Hank Fandel and Juanita Vega
American Place Theater
Life ain’t fair. Neither is Love. And that’s a cheat. Four women in a munitions factory a few weeks before the end of World War II.