6th Annual Reading Series

The Orion
by Tom Minter
directed by Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr.
with Robert Arcaro, Sean Baldwin,Cynthia Boorujy, Chris Cerraso,  Charlotte Colavin, David Garone, Jeffrey Joseph, Vernice Miller, Lizan Mitchell, Justice Pratt, Souleyé Rasheed and Reena Shah
Manhattan Ensemble Theater
Producers cast a black man as a superhero in the new television series The Orion, but will they let the audience see his face? Tom Minter interweaves ideas of sex, race and modern mythology in this multimedia exploration.

commissioned by The Working Theater
by Herman Daniel Farrell III
directed by John Steber
with Sam Freed, Laurie Kennedy, Novella Nelson, Charles Parnell, Kelly Taff and Joseph Urla
Manhattan Ensemble Theater

Temp Slave: The Musical!
by Catherine Capellaro and Andrew Rohn
directed by Daniel Goldstein
with Bob Arcaro, Bob Barth, Constance Boardman, Kate Gilligan, Michael Holmes, Erin Maguire, Patrick Mellen, Braden Miles, Ellen Mitenthal, Noah Weisberg and Itanza Wooden
Manhattan Ensemble Theater
What could bring together a single mom in a back-to-work program, a musician looking for his big break, a journalist, a painter, and a rebel lawyer who refuses to adjust to corporate life?  You’ll find out when these plucky temps tackle a right-wing plot to break the last of the unions and turn the economy over to temp agencies.