7th Annual Alumni Reading Series

Celebrating 18 Years of Working Theater Playwrights!
Luscious Music 
by Matthew Maguire (The Windowman, 1994)
Abingdon Theatre
At a South Florida carnival, a working class family is torn apart by forbidden love and the self-destructive desires of a man caught between two sisters.
Appointed Rounds
written and directed by William Wise (Crown Cork Cafeteria, 1985, Man with a Raincoat, 1986)
with Lou Carbonneau, James DeMarse, James Doerr, Johnny Giacalone and Arleigh Richards
Abingdon Theatre
Russell the mailman lost his wife in a hit and run accident. Hal the record-store owner lost his to the Chief of Police. Years later, the wounds of these two friends are unhealed.
Harry and the Streetbeat
by OyamO (Let me Live, 1990, I am a Man, 1993)
directed by Peter Wallace
with Amanda Bailey, Elliott Chisholm, Francesca Choy-Kee, Johnny Lee Davenport, Akil Davis, Elizabeth Flax, Kate Gilligan, Keith Grant, Dennist Green, Robert Jason Jackson, Osage Lewis-Ashley, Charles Parnell, Tom Pennacchini and Nicky Walker
Abingdon Theatre
It is1968 when Harry Atwater leaves Ohio for the music and energy of Harlem. Will his dreams for the kids of 132nd Street be enough to keep them away from the violence and rage that is slowly taking over their neighborhood?

written and directed by Marty Pottenger (City Water Tunnel #3, 1998)
with Rhetta Aleong, Cecilia Arana-Grant, Robert Arcaro, Sam Gordon, Annie Lanzillotto and Linda Mancini
Abingdon Theatre
Abundance (abundanceproject.net) is a tragic musical comedy based on a community arts performance project about the ways that people of different classes, races and ages negotiate economics in their daily lives.