8th Annual Alumni Reading Series

Pusong Babae (A Woman’s Heart) 
by Linda Faigao-Hall
directed by Marcy Arlin
with Corazon Custodio, Victor Lirio, Jordan Meadows and Eileen Rivera
The Blue Heron Arts Center
Filipina escaping desperate poverty in her home country comes to the United Statesas a mail-order bride and discovers that poverty corrupts and absolute poverty corrupts absolutely.

Clockwatcher’s Rumor
by Cedric Turner
directed by Woody King, Jr.
with Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Mark Johnson, Marcella Lowery, Jerry Matz, Rob O’Hara, Tom Pennachini and Levy Lee Simon
The Blue Heron Arts Center
Steel workers confront the ways their lives are changing as the need for industrial labor is threatened.  An evocation of the indignant yell of America’s voiceless majority.

Sky Fossils
by Lisa L. Humbertson
directed by Erma Duricko
with Steve Brady, Pamela Dunlap, Marissa Duricko, Judith Hiller, Trevor Jones, Paula Pizzi, George Sheffey, Janet Ward and Adrian Williams
The Blue Heron Arts Center
How do you argue that the child you love should never have been born? Yet what if it’s the only way to keep her alive? Sky Fossils is a story of insurance company greed and the value of human life.

Labor Days
by Tony Vellela
directed by Austin Pendleton
with Carlo Alban, Becky Ann Baker, Rebecca Fasanello, Jenna Jolley, Stephen Lang, Joe Moran, Anne Pitoniak, Molly Regan and Geoff Sullivan
The Blue Heron Arts Center
Every family has its secrets, myths and legends.  In this story of an Italian-American working class family, the lies are exploded and the true meaning of family values is discovered.