Box Americana: A Wal-Mart Retail Fantasia 

commissioned by The Working Theater
by Jason Grote
directed by Connie Grappo
with Lia Aprile, Stephen Bradbury, Avery Glymph, Julia Pace Mitchell, Chudney Sykes and Jim Wisniewski
Bank Street Theater

The ghost of Sam Walton is resurrected-with his own personal chorus of Chinese workers-to sing the praises of consumer utopia.
Meanwhile, two female associates of Wal-Mart #24-2-128, the consumer epicenter of Sprawlville, USA, discover that the Promised Land has turned into a swamp of inequity and empty rhetoric. At a moment when the largest employer in the United States is defending itself against the largest class-action lawsuit in American history, and its anti-union activity is setting a bold low standard in the industry, we watch as two little Davids take on a retail Goliath.