Crown Cork Cafeteria

by William Wise
Directed by Robert Owens Scott
with Robert Arcaro, James Carruthers, Mary Daciuk, Rich Ferguson, Greg Giordano, Earl Hagan Jr., Johnny Kline, Jonathan Lipnick, Bill Mitchell, Honour Molloy, Robin Polk, Marisa Redanty, Jack Shmidt, Nelson Simon, Ron Stetson and Wendy Weill
Actors Outlet Theatre
Set in the 1960s in the lunchroom cafeteria of a bottle cap factory on the southwest side of Chicago, frustrated workers discuss their working conditions.
“Mr. Wise has an ear for the flat, harsh language of that group, a tongue that smashes and tears rather than cuts.” D.J.R. Bruckner, The New York Times, February 9th, 1986