Heroes and Saints

by Cherrie Moraga
directed by Albert Takazauckas
produced in conjunction with the Downtown Art Company and Judson Memorial Church
with Isaiah G. Cazares, Doris Difarnecio, Matt Edwards, Elsie Hilario, Adriana Inchaustegui, Mario Mendoza, Claudia Rocafort, Jualkyris Santiago and Marta Vidal
One Dream Theatre

Inspired by the United Farm Workers documentary video, “The Wrath of Grapes”,Heroes and Saints brilliantly explores the inner life of a Chicano farm worker community under siege from ruthless growers and the poisonous pesticides of agribusiness run amok.

Although Heroes and Saints is fiction, it came in response to the numerous events that took place in 1988 which brought growing visibility to the United Farm Workers’ grape boycott in protest against pesticide poisoning. The greatest public attention came as a result of the 36-day fast by the president of the union, Cesar Chavez, which ended on August 21, 1988. Less than a month later, the vice-president of the union, Dolores Huerta, was brutally beaten by San Francisco policeman while holding a press conference protesting George Bush’s refusal to honor the boycott.

“A powerful blend of gripping family drama and unabashed agitprop, the play is easily one of the stand-out productions of the season.” Michael Fox, San Francisco Independent, date

“I saw Heroes at its San Francisco premiere and was deeply moved by its powerful depiction of our struggle in the fields. I want to commend The Working Theatre, Judson, and Downtown Art for the brilliant idea of staging this play in the main space of an historic church that has long been associated with important justice struggle. The collaboration will help ensure that new audiences, especially church and working-class audiences, get a chance to experience great drama and learn about the struggles we share with working people everywhere.” Dolores Huerta, Vice President, United Farm Workers of America, AFL-CIO