The Windowman

book and lyrics by Matthew Maguire
music by Bruce Barthol and Greg Pliska
directed by Bill Mitchelson
musical direction by Genji Ito
coproduced by Creation Production Company
with Angela Bullock, Frank Deal, John Nesci and Kaipo Schwab
with musicians Steve Alcott, Jules Cohen, John Jenkins and Henry Mann

Inspired by a true story of the murder of an Asian-American teenager by a Detroit autoworker in 1982, The Windowman addresses issues of racism, xenophobia and changes in the American blue-collar economy.
“Matthew Maguire is less interested in a literal recounting of events than in getting inside the head of racist rage . . . stopping time and repeating conversations till they’re pushed to a breaking point, we feel a bit of the aggressor’s heat, the stress of creditors and repo men that sends an already volatile personality over the edge.” Jan Stuart,New York Newsday, May 13, 1994