The Block

Photos by Tuda Sarian, P. Kevin O’Leary.

Written by Dan Hoyle
Directed by Tamilla Woodard
Developed with Maureen Towey

Dontrell’s just come back from upstate, no, not like Upstate upstate, just with his girl, you know, quiet workin’ man life. Now he’s back on his block in the Boogie Down, the South Bronx, where he did his dirt years back, but he’s not tryin’ to be grimy no more. Nah man, he’s trying to do good. But do you have any idea what that’s really like?

The Block is part of Working Theater’s Five Boroughs/One City Initiative. The play is based on conversations and interviews over two years in the South Bronx and with members of CASA, a project of New Settlement Community Apartments, comes a play that will change the way you look at New York.

Off-Broadway premiere & borough tour:
May-June 2016

Off-Broadway work-in-progress showings:
May 6th & May 9th, 2015
at the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre
at the Abingdon Theatre Complex, Manhattan

Bronx work-in-progress showings:
April 24th & 25th at New Settlement Community Campus